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Hello to all off road enthusiasts

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Hi guys and gals I'm Adam and I have just joined this forum. This is actually the first forum ever for me. I've read a lot of them over the years to learn what I needed to know but never stay on the internet long enough to join in. Not really one who's big on tech anything, but I figured it's time bc I've noticed how wonderful y'all are to each other in respects of always there to lend a hand and that's just the kind of guy I am too. I swear somebody's gonna kill me one day when I pull over to help somebody stranded on the side of the road but I figure it's like pay it forward bc I would want someone to help me and I'd cuss every person who didn't. On another note I am in the middle of a motor swap project that wasn't supposed to be a project bc it was my every day driver and work truck, and I'm a carpenter so I need my truck to work, but my week vacation/me time in the garage has turned into a nightmare and I could really use any advise I can get. So in part thanks to everyone ahead of time who might help me straighten out this mess and I will be happy to share any info that I have with anyone who may need it. Y'all have a wonderful day and go paint your GM 4x4 with the color it was made for MUUUDDDDDD.
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