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Man this place could be a great place if people chimed in and/or at least welcomed newbies with open arms. I noticed a lot of open threads with 100s of reads and no responses.

Come and learn how to make this place an awesome place!!!

Want people to chime in right away when you post, try posting your threads at Truck Mod Central

TruckModCentral hosts trucks of all makes and models. Just keep in mind, TMC is a place for truck enthusiast so no brand bashing is allowed. It's a kick ass site, a place where you'll truly feel right at home. The owners/admins and mods are very homely people. Soon as you sign up introduce yourself and you'll see how your thread becomes epic right away.

See you there soon.

Here is my truck BTW All Rize. Court Is Now in Session. - Truck Mod Central
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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