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if you drive your jeep on the street this is not the best option. unless you spend about $80 per rod end and buy seals for them they wear out quickly. i would look into an upgrade that uses larger(1/2 to 1ton ) tie rods. just my $.02


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I am in the process of putting together a new tie rod and drag link using rod ends, and everything the last guy said was true about
them being expensive and needing to buy seals to keep them in good shape. I am expecting to spend a total of $270 on my setup.
There are some advantages to using this setup though. First of all using rod ends makes it very easy to move all you steering parts
up higher. This has a two part benifit first of all it is less likely that an obstruction will hit you steering parts the higher they are. If
you have a lift you may be able to eliminate bump steer without having to use a dropped pitman arm, which will increase your turning
I don't have all my info to with me, but here are the basics. First of all I found a racing shop that put cut and threaded a cardon steel
tube (1"ID .25"wall). I don't have exact measurments as I have not gotten me final fitting done yet. I payed about $40 dollars for the
tubes and four nuts I had machined out to fit over the tube, so there is a place to use a wrench for adjustment later. I found three
major companies that sell rod ends of the strenght needed: National Rod Ends, QA1, and Aurora. I am not sure about this, but I
would suggest getting a rod end with at least 30,000 lbs.Ultimate Radial Static Load Capacity (breaking point). I suggest a three
piece rod end over a two pieces as the three piece will have less play in it. Another thing to look for is the amount of misalignment
angle the rod end can tolerate. You will have to use the old geometry sin/cos/tan in order to make sure that you will not excede
the limits for the drag link. The tie rod will not have any significant angular movement as it works all on the same plane. There is a
site on the internet called that will have most of the info on rod ends. I will try to fill in any holes I left later
once I have info in front of me. Oh, the only conpany you can buy rod end seals from that I know is called Seal-it, expect to pay $25
for the seals with shipping. On the rod ends you can pay anything from $40 to $100 for good ones. On final note, if you value your
life or your passengers life, or at least your jeep, go with only top quality parts for this. If it breaks at high speed the results would be
catastrophic. If you feel uncomfortable with this modification don't do it, or buy a pre-build setup from JKS Manufacturing.
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