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I have a couple gm hei distributors laying around and was wondering where to buy everything for the gear, distributor cap, vacuum advance etc... Does someone sell a kit?


Also....can you use the same advance as the stcok gm distributor?

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No kit as far as I know..

Drive gear from 4wd Hardware or your local junk yard (same gear as off a 304 v8)
(4wd part #3208615 $25.00)

Distributor cap local parts store or junk yard

Vacumm advance (adjustable) Jegs $23.00

Good Luck

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One more part, if you wish to 'remote' the coil (and, assuming you have the HEI with the coil in the cap).....
The MSD 'dust-cover', part number MSD-8401, about $25 at Summit (or MSD, or JEG's, or ?)
BTW, this part is nothing but a stock dust-cover, with a MSD 'home-made' coil-wire adapter. I spent the money, and bought the part. But, now that I have seen it, I believe I could do it better, myself.
In my opinion, the adjustable vacuum advance is a personal-choice 'thing'. For me, the stock vacuum advance works fine.
I have bought my gears from 4WD Hardware, as the post suggested. But, I have found that PM sells the gears for a little better price, especially when you factor in the shipping.

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