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I do not beleive that you need to do the nutter bypass to upgrade to the GM HEI.

The GE HEI is an increased spark upgrade the the Nutter bypass is a Ox and fuel mixture modification. If your Carter BBD w/ the stepper is working fine I would not mess with it. I have one and mine is working (for now). When I do have problems I am going to a new Carb or EFI.

I would try the upgrade and if it does not work then do the nutter bypass.

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If your stepper is working then there is no reason to unplug it. You also don't need to do the Nutter bypass. Just get a working HEI and new plug wires and you are set. I got an HEI at Aaron's auto parts on S. Congress for $45. The AMC drive gear from 4WD Hardware is about $20. All I need are the plug wires and a couple of hours for the install. Let me know if you need any help.


P.S.I have my stepper unplugged because it isn't working properly.

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