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I have a 350ci conversion in my CJ7. Yesterday the rotor came loose
in the dist. cap and the whole deal fragged. It was cheaper to buy
a whole new dist., cap, and coil than try to replace all the components
that were trashed. Problem is that on replacing the whole shooting
match I have no reliable spark. There is good juice to the coil but none or
rare spark coming out. I am not confident that the Dist. shaft is engaging
the oil pump shaft properly or if I am putting it in 180 out of sync..
If I reposition the dist. shaft 180 degrees I do get irregular spark
at the plugs and some muffled backfiring, 180 degrees the other way
and I get only a rare spark at the plugs. Also, and this scares the
#*## out of me, the battery "-" terminal is getting very warm (not quite
hot) when ever I attempt to start the engine. Everything was re-assembled
just as I remember and my Chiltons say it should be. Any Ideas Please.

Al Dickson
81CJ7 (Blue Ox)


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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif Al, Al, Al..... let's divide and conquer first of all. (1) the ground terminal is loose and where you have grounded it to the engine is not a good place. Go to the starter bolt with that cablw. (2) The GM HEI is FAIRLY bulletproof, UNTIL you get too much wear on the shaft, then the spark becomes unreliable. Also, you need to be sure that the distributor ITSELF is getting a good ground via the hold-down clamp.....just sittin' in the hole don't git it. (3) Now that you have loused up the original timing, you are going to need to really rise up and be a real mechanic. Pull #1 spark plug out and get your little sweetie to doosh the starter for you whilst you sticks yer finger in the hole to determine if it is the exhaust stroke or the compression stroke. Stop on the crank pulley timing mark at the top of the compression stroke. THEN put the distributor in so the rotor is pointing at the #1 wire terminal on the cap. You'll have to fiddle with the distributor to get it to drop in and engage the oil pump MAY require dooshing the starter slightly....if you DO doosh the starter. then roll over nearly two turns to #1 top-of-compression- stroke and ON the pulley mark. NOW reposition the distributor to point exactly at #1. Install clamp and tighten JUST ENOUGH to get a good ground and hold it from turning. FIRE THE 350.....and then get out the ol' timing light and get your setup. Don't forget to remove and plug the advance vacuum line for setting the timing with the light. Re-connect the vacuum when you're done, and thank your sweetie for her valuable assistance. Tell her that you will thank her more appropriately later that day(evening)./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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