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I saw the bottom of my sidekick head today. Number 1 cylinder valve was definitely burnt. Kind of had a flat spot instead of being round. No wonder it had only 40 lbs on a compression test. Number 3 cylinder had a valve that was a little bad but not like number 1. We knew for sure number one was bad but didn't know about three. Didn't do a compression test on 3 and 4. The head had to come off anyhow. Now the wait. Warranty says it has to be checked by a machine shop which I'll have to pay for plus I have to pay for the tear down and diagnosis on top of a hundred dollar deductable. I'm beginning to wonder if the warranty was worth it. I'm already out $200 plus the cost of the warranty. Buying a rebuilt or even new head and doing it myself is cheaper. And I only have to wait on myself.Also something I didn't know is that the company which gave the warranty has the right to use used parts. That is BS. Beware of used car warranties people, read every word to know what you are and aren't getting.
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