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Head Bolts?

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I just pulled the head off of my 258 yesterday evening to get a broke head bolt out of the block, lucked out, it came out without having to drill and use an ease-out, but I heard or read awhile back that on the 258 when you do a head set that you need to replace the entire set of head bolts. I ain't never done that on anything else I've ever rebuilt or replaced the head gasket on. By the way, the broke bolt was at a waterport location. And what may have caused the bolt to break after it was torqed down and checked again after the first hundred or so miles? Stress or just a weak bolt? It was approx. 2 years ago when I replaced the cam and lifters and timing chain and gears. Any opinions? Thanks.
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I would say what caused it to break would be somebody who re-used it...did I say that?
No seriously, you should NEVER re-use head bolts, I know that there will be a ton of posts now from people who will say "I've been doing that for 350 years and never broken a bolt." Well I suppose that's getting lucky....You are *always* supposed to use a new set of head bolts when you pull the head....
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On the 4.0 head writeup that's out there on the net, wherever it is, there is a mopar performance part # for a set that is $22 i think for all of them....Through the dealer the plain jane head bolts are like $10 a piece or something.....
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