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Haven't used 4WD in 4-5 years...

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Haven\'t used 4WD in 4-5 years...

Well, I got the '90 Cherokee from my sister and she tells me that she probably hasn't used the 4WD in about 4-5 years. Does it still work??? ANyone know I can test it without damaging it? Do I need to add some fluids?

Thanks for any tips.
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Re: Haven\'t used 4WD in 4-5 years...

Just about the only two things I would do are:

1. Make sure that the TCase has fluid. Pop out the fill plug and make sure that the fluid looks good and is full. It takes regular ole ATF so it should be red. While you NEED to have fluid in the case for just 2WD, this would be a great time to check it, and probably do a drain and replace.

2. Just check to ensure that the vacuuam line running to your axle disconect motor thingy hasnt come off and that you are getting vacuuam on it.

Other than that, I would slap it in 4 and check it out.

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