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Have the rest of you been getting this letter from PM

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If you look at any posting on ORC you will see an IP number, yours is
----------- this is used to control; who posts as you are leaving your
"cookie" and you can be contacted by just using this number. If you try
to post something that they deem not to their liking the will block your
You also filled out a profile sheet that gives information that can be
stored in a datebase and sold to whoever will pay for a mailing list
like anti NRA supporters or companies that sell parts for GW's.
Just trying to prove a point that everyone that uses this type software
is using a very overt type of censorship that does not look like what it
You sound like a great human being that enjoys a number of things that
the Clintong/Gorething would love to get rid of.
Stop Al before he gores you.
Mike Monahan
dba Parts Mike

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After having done business with PM, I doubt he did this. But, yes, the IP address being exposed is not a good thing. However, in many instances, people are using a randomly assigned IP address, at least those using a modem pool. The whole business about cookies is something else. At some sights, you can get in after denying the cookie, someplaces you can't. Your choice. either accept the cookies or not.

You can't be contacted by just using the IP address directly, if I remember right... Also, the cookie is definitely useful because with over 20k posts on this board, I'd hate to have to try and remember which ones that've been already viewed/read by me... /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif Most didn't fill out very much at all in the profile, and at best could be used for a general bit of statistics, nothing too specific. But anyway, how is selling information to anyone a "very overt type of censorship"? It's not censoring anything at all... Information distribution yes, but not censorship... /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

But that's just my $2/100... /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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Way im i the only one to get this letter??????????????????????????????

Good question. I think some one was trying to play games.

Probaby most of you know this,i knew too,but happened to be a target,randomly generated emails are sent out too,good addresses
or not,the email will say something to upset you and have the option of repyling and stating "Please remove my name from your
mailing List" soooooo you reply with that and all you accomplish is verifying a working email for them.Then you are spammed,probed,whatever
their motive is,sometimes just to clog up emails,i myself got over 50 in a day from their attempt.They make it look like someone else
sent it to you too,i cant explain it exactly,just never reply to anything like that that has a hate letter from some other irate person and
it will eventually stop.And dont think a person cant get to you knowing your IP.My step son is a puter wiz and i have saw him find
friends IP's and using hacker software get into their computer and could do anything he wanted,reboot it,erase files,format hard drive,and so on
And if you know where to look,this software is easily downloaded right from the net.Also ICQ is one program that IP's can be found
on even if you have them set not to appear.And people can send you the "file" that lets them in your computer and you never know it.I have saw it done.
I cant do it,wouldnt want to even.I already get enough spam.And i use only web base email.

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I got a similar email from PM during a back and forth conversation we had a few days ago. The things he wrote to you are not too much different from some of the things that he wrote to me.
I suspect that it was a valid email.

just a thought I have not been to the PM board for months-Like last summer.

All the information he got had to come from this board????????????????????????
Why would he be over here???????????

I've been on the 'net for about 10 years now. I was a member of Hotmail when it was new, even, and was the only E-mail system that could handle HTML. Has everyone who uses Hotmail noticed that ever since MSN bought it out, there has been 10x more spam coming through there? Finally they have responded with a "Block senders" button, just select all the E-mails you'd usually delete without ever reading and click "Block Sender." While this is nice, it doesn't seem to do a whole lot since they are false, faked E-mail addresses anyways. Thankfully they haven't found my webmaster e-mail account I use for SRC. Even the people who go to my site rarely e-mail me.

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