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i am trying to get another front end under my jeep in favor of a stronger axle, i thought about a scout but it is a little bit to long so why not cut down the housing of a fullsize (or scout) and then cut the axle shafts down with the the axles (is it ok to cut the axle shafts down and then weld them back together) my friend is a excellent welder and a machinest and thinks it would work, any suggestions why? or why not to do this?
I have scout front axle and a 70s blazer axle both d44s if i went with a blazer i would use all outer parts from possible ford or what ever will work.
One other thing i want to have somthing that will work not just build somthing that will fall on its face and just build ot because i have the parts.


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I am not sure, but I always thought that you were never supposed to weld axleshafts, unless it is a temporary fix to get your Jeep off
the trail or something. I think you can have the axle shafts cut to whatever length you want and then have them resplined. I don't think
I would do this however because I have heard that when you respline them they aren't as strong. Why not use a scout front and
rear axle? That way not cutting, or splining or anything, and you get a Jeep with a wider track. I am thinking about putting uncut
3/4 ton chevy axles under my Jeep, I am going to try and get the wheels offset so that the tires are at least partially covered by the
widest flares I can get... we'll see how it works


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I believe you have to cut axle shafts at the splined end and have them resplined. That is what I did.
I shipped the long shaft to Moser and had it back in a week for about $60. I wouldn't mess with
the shaft but your friend could cut the tube and reweld the yoke for you. If not I know of a shop
locally that will do it for $135.

I could give you some measurements on mine later tonight if you want to determine which axle
to narrow. Other difference would be if you want SOA or SUA, chevy SOA, scout SUA. The
narrowed scout 4" will bring you back to wide trac CJ with an extra inch and I don't know about
the chevy.


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