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Does anyone out there know if there is a textured paint available like on the
factory hardtops? Most I have found are not suitable for outdoor use....The
closest I have found would be that flecked trunk paint, then overcoating/sealing
it with the appropriate color...but I've been told it's not gonna hold up either.
Herculiner or other 'bed coatings' were a thought but not the texture I was looking for.....that's why I thought there must be some kind of 'factory' or specialty paint.....Thanks Much!


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I just painted my top about a month ago, and I know what you're talking about. What I finally ended up doing was painting two coats of outdoor semi-gloss paint from Lowes w/ a compressor and spray gun. (a pint will do it) I then bought a spray can of Dupli-Color bedliner from Wal-Mart. It's in the automotive section, right next to the touch up paints. (cost about 6 bucks a can) Use the bedliner after the paint has dried, spraying about a foot and a half away to give it the factory type texture. It has held up great so far on mine! I took it to an off-roading fest the weekend after I did it and could barely see any scratches after the weekend was over. They only make the bedliner in black though. Good luck!
Mike O. (84' CJ-7)


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I just painted (and sold) a hard top from my CJ5. I went to a good paint store and bought satin black "Bumper Paint". It is weather resistant, covers well, looks good, and is flexible (made for painting over plastic). It was a little expensive, $8 a can, but I did the top and two doors using four cans.


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I used to work for Waterloo Industries at a plant that made toolboxes, most of the top lines came from
there, Craftsman being one of the best known. They painted one line with a crinkle texture. The paint
was an air dry paint mixed with an oven dry paint. The air dry would be partially cured by the time it
reached the oven and would cause the textured effect when it was baked. I did find an air dry crinkle
paint in Krylon a few years back which I used on my side nerf bars, but I cant find it anymore. It did a
similar thing using the heat of the sun to cause the crinkle. If you used it in the shade or on a cool
cloudy day, it did not produce the texture. If you ever find something you like, buy a lifetime supply.


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Line-X has a bed liner that's UV resistant and hardly fades in the sun. They also have a UV coating for regular bed liners. They also have the liners in many colors and I'm also told that they can somewhat give you the texture you want.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for all the help guys....Still looking for that 'right texture' though.
Hey Mike, I have used some of that Dupli-Color bedliner before......good
stuff....tried it on some Jeep racks I built. It's pretty durable stuff, but the
best thing about it is it's "touchupability"....Touchups hardly show at all.
It's hard to wash though (sorta like washing sandpaper) Thanks Again!


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I painted my hard top this summer. After looking at several options, I settled on using a good grade of lacquer from a professional shop. I used a spray gun and thinned it to a minimum. It sprayed on in a way that it ended up texured much like a course grade of sand paper. The top cost about $50.00 to paint, but came out reasonably close to original. MNMindbender

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