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Re: H8monday- you\'ve got mail!

Yep, I saw, it. ill get back to you when I get home. I was just killing some time at Circuit City, while my electrician perform some repairs to the AC monitoring systems. So I decided to use one of their computers and go on line. Damn these new computers are fast, it makes me wanta ditch my old coal burning lap top.
Ill answer you in depth though later. I can make copies of my notes and electrical diagrams and fax or send them to you. It is realy a simple swap. the hard part is the attention to detail, if you decide to address all issues while its apart. You know like herculining the engine bay, rewiring all your off road accessories and putting them into one harness, that kinda stuff, takes a lot of time.
The 5.0 is an awsome Jeep engine though. Its too bad Ford didnt buy Jeep. We might have been able to buy a YJ with reverse cut D44 in the front, a 31 spline 8.8 with disks in the rear, and a 5.0, whooohoooo. Hey Im a Ford Man, I can dream cant I?

89 YJ
Wow, you can get a nice tan on your arms, from welding with no shirt on.
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