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Question: I have an H3 and am interested in buying a boat that weighs 5500 pounds. The rated tow weight is 4500 lbs. The trips that I would need to do are perhaps 10-15 20 mile round trips per year and one or two 150 mile round trips. Knowing the recommendation above, can I still do this without trouble, taking it easy for speed etc., or has this got a significant risk of real problems?

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H 3 towing

I have an 06 H3 and I towed an 5000+# trailor and the hummer was stuffed to the gilles, from Indiana to Idaho. It was about 2200 miles thru 4 mountain passes. The last pass in Montana, it was snowing hard/blizzard conditions.
I went 1st gear locked up, up the pass and slid down the other side. I was scared to death, but the Hummer never failed me and I just added a rear locker.That was a big bonus.
I vote yes on being able to tow your boat. Does your boat trailor have brakes on it. That will help.
Best Regards, RR
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