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H2 2004 VS Y-J 2004?

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My buddie is convinced that the stock H2 is a better off road vehicle than a stock Y-J. I already posted this in the jeep forum but he claims those opinions are byast. LOL. Will someone please set this guy strait!!!

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Has he seen the video of the H2 breaking a tie rod (or some part) on a trail, just by climbing over some boulders? I would have to say that a stock Jeep wouldn't have had any problems like that.
Have you not seen the video of the H2 snapping something on the trail? I thought I got it on this board. Let's see if I can dig it up.

I guess I exagerated a little when I said boulder, it was like a "gravel" creek bed, but the "gravel" was ~1-2 feet in diameter. I didn't know how else to describe it.
Oh, sorry. I just found it and went to put it on here, but I guess I was too slow.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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