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Hi guys - tried the archives, and search, but havent been able to find the answers I'm looking for regarding driveability of the H1 on a day-to-day basis. Changing jobs somewhat, and I'm looking to replace my old full sized flat deck dually. I need the haul & tow capacity of a full sized, with good / excellent 4wd for use in north & central BC. I also need to be able to haul my kids around when I'm at home, without deafening them, or bouncing them off the doors...catch 22

I'm thinking an H1 4 dr hardtop, or wagon will fit my needs, and can replace both my work truck, and the trek rover in my avatar, but depending on the responses, I havent ruled out a 4 door soft, my q's:

1) just how loud is the 6.5TD inside when running in traffic? are the hardtops, or soft tops quieter? Anyone used Dynamat or similar to good effect? Tires are obviously a seperate issue - lugs roar.

2) real world range on dual tanks ( as far as I can determine, the 2 tanks combined are ~45-50 US gallons?)anyone had issues running LSD/ULSD to date?

3) insurance: just what are H1's classed as for insurance purposes? ( canadian /BC input especially appreciated)

4) payload - havent seen anything beyond the listed specs, which dont reflect optional equipment. what sort of payload capacity is left with 4 adults in the cab, full tanks, etc?

I'm coming from a full size 2 1/4 ton flat deck: 22' long, 7.5'wide, 7' high, and 8900lbs empty, so the ' size' of an H1 is a non issue to me. ( one of the few people who would actually be downsizing to an H1!!)

thoughts and feedback appreciated.
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