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grounds and sensors

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In an old post I read something about the C101 connector. Is this the connector sitting high on the firewall, or the one below the brakecilinder going through the firewall?

I want to check the grounds from the sensors and computer, but have no idea where to look. Before taking the spagetti apart, does anyone know where to look for these grounds? I hope to take out some minor bugs by grounding the electronic circuit properly. I'm not talking about the straps that go to and from the battery, alt and engine.
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The grounds are in many places in the wiring harness. Just follow the wires in the engine compartment until you see wires going to the chassis. There are grounds inside the cabin too but they will not be bad unless there has been alot of water inside. You can take some sandpaper and clean up the terminals on the end of the wires and also ensure bare metal on the chassis where the wires make contact with it. Be sure to treat the area for rust after the wires are reconnected. You can paint it or coat it with silicone sealant. There are also corrosion preventive sprays you can get from aircraft part suppliers. One such product is called "corrosion X". Good luck!
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