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Green Sticker Registration in CA

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I need some info on the steps to get a green sticker in CA. I have two tube frame buggies. One with a VW engine and another with a pinto engine. Both of these engines have VIN#'s on them. How do I get started on the green sticker process? Will I have to get them inspected by a vin officer? What paperwork will I need? What is the best "story" to tell the DMV for the least runaround? built it? bought it? w/bill of sale? Any help appreciated ...

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you need to call teh dmv and talk to them, they'll have you go the teh highway patrol to get the vin checked out. i'd tell them you built it. i haven't heard of people getting hassled much about it.

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If you tell them you built it then you will have to take it to the Highway Patrol. You will have to make an appointment with them that might be months away, and they will the old VIN and send you back to the DMV.
I'd just ask the DMV what they need. My friend tried to register a motorcycle that changed hands many times without registration. The DMV wanted paperwork from the state it was registered in last. It wasn't CA, and our DMV can't access other states info. He's wrote several letters to other states with no replies. Anyway, it's been 6 months and he's still trying.
You could grind off the old VIN and say you built it, but that would be illegal, and you didn't hear it from me. Plus if it looks old I doubt the cops would believe it either. Plus I know they have this gizmo that can "see" the compressed metal under the old VIN #'s.
Good luck!

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It has been a while since I went through this with my Chenowth, but here goes. You will be dealing with the DMV and the CHP. The DMV will be registering the vehicle as something like a "specially constructed vehicle". You need paperwork to support where the parts came from, like receipts. Receipts, because they are going to charge you fees based on what the vehicle is worth. I wouldn't be bragging about any high $$ Parts at that point. They will then need a CHP inspection at which time they issue a VIN plate that is attached to the frame. Do the frames have VIN numbers yet? If so you might be looking at a renewal. Anyway, if you can show where everything came from and it passes the CHP inspection you should be OK. Oh, Yeah, don't flat tow an unregistered vehicle to go see the CHP folks.

Found some info..

Found some DMV forms from another project:

Application for Assigned VIN plate - requires owner info
Application for original registration - same kind of info
Statement of Facts - this is the one that has the construction statement. Asks "built by me/ for me by____",
bills for sale for engine, trans, frame & body, make & year of engine, explanation of how I cam into possession of parts listed for which I am unable to provide evidence of purchase, etc..

Might want to get that in order now.

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