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THANKS PAT !! The Vegas to Reno maps will be really useful to us. I'll be "chasing"/pitting for a 1/2-1600 car and we were unable to make the pre-run. Do you have the specific pit locations or landmark coordinates that might help out a GPS assisted crew ? Most importantly, do you have the coordinates of where we might be able to find you at the race so we can buy you a cold beer for the maps?!!

Thanks again, Eric


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Hey Thanks!

Sorry, no PS this year.. Next year we'll be much, much more invlolved.

I'll be at the Road crossing near Mercury, then back to work.. We need someone to pickup results for us and fax back as we won't be at the finish this year.

Patrick J. Chicas

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What's the fax # ? I'll try to get the results out to you but it might be tough in between all of the celebrating when our guys come in 1st in 1/2-1600!!!!


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