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Grand cherokee Project :)

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OK fellas.. I have my gloves on, my game face ready.. and Ive Made soem of the ultimate sacrificed to buy and AFFORD my 94 Grand cherokee.. Ive sold my Les Paul Guitar, Ive sold my Dirtbike.. and Im selling every thing a young boy would want.. Ive been researching about Suspension lifts and such for a while, recently me and my father put in a brand new 318ci and Im looking for tips on lifts.. I want a Rubicon Express 4.5" super flex.. But I need a lift I can fit 33x12.50x15 under the flippen thing.. Can any one give me some tips on things I can do or what I have to do to be able to ride on 33's? I dont mind fender Trimming and maybe a little bit of welding.. But I need ot know what I need please any one give me some suggestions.. Please Ill clean your house and Ill play shoots and ladders with your kids.. Guys I need your help.. *sniffles*

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How about you just remove the front fenders entirely. They're just for looks, anyhow....

I would not weld up a D35 and expect it to hold up. If you have the D44A, you might get away with it. Either way, start looking for D44 from a '97+ Wrangler TJ.

Make friends with people who have lots of tools!

Oh- and you may find it easier (maybe even better) to run 33x10.5" tires (BFG makes this size), or those too-cool 34x10.5 Swamper LTBs
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Well I thought about taking the hole front fender off but wouldnt that just shoot mud in the carburator?

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No, only the outer fender would be removed. Also, there is no carberator as the truck is fuel-injected. Unless, of course, you changed the fuel system when you installed the engine.

By Wagoneer, do you mean full-size Jeep? pre 1984? or mid-size Jeep XJ? Any way you swing it, the Wagoneer would probably be the better choice for off-road use. It's considerably lighter, the rear suspension is easier to modify, and the body is much easier to trim.
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