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Gotta paint it yeller too

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I just am getting around to re-installing my York A/C compressor. It was on my 304 just ridin' around being useless. Now that I have just a little extra HP. Ol' yorkie's useless days are over.

1. What preventive things should be done? Rebuild innerds, bearings, and such?

B. How should I paint it? I know that beadblasting may get into the bearings and seals. While it is torn down paint it? 'cause I gosta paint it yeller..

4th. Who makes a small tank for this use..

Thanks for the help...

1979 CJ-7 401 T18
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Paint??? Find out if the heat build up has any effect on which if any paint you should use. I don' t know, but the thought crossed my mind that 1) the heat might burn the paint off and 2) the paint might cause the unit to run hotter. May be off base here, but doesn't hurt to ask around.

Tank?? You can buy or build. I have a shop built tank made from heavy wall 6" round tube. The ends are welded with 1/4" plate. The pressure switch cuts off at about 115 psi. This tank also has several outlets, some of which have been plugged because I no longer need them. It's ugly, its been modified more than once - even had a big chunk of the side cut out and rewelded so that it fits around the new transfer case. It still works.

QuickAirII makes a small tank - a couple of gallons, I think - for about $80, but I would not feel good about modifying it because of the thin walls. My choice is shop made. Hope this helps.

Doug '97 TJ
My god!! You can't paint it yellow! Yellow and orange are the only two colors that still contain lead. God help, if some poor New York city, ghetto children eat it, they might grow up to become retarded. You got to be retarded to eat paint anyway.

Good advice on the paint. Maybe yeller ain't such a good idea.Could I paint the screws yeller?
What about bead blasting. How can I do it without messing up the clutch or the other parts? Besides the bumpers, where is a safe and good place for a tank? As always thanks for the great advice..

1979 CJ-7 401 T18
I don't know about the tank, I havn't had air since I sold the old Scout. The clutch assembly just pops of of the Yorks. First remove the 1/2 inch headed bolt and washer on the center of the clutch. Then screw a large bolt into the coarse threads that are tapped into the clutch, I think it is about 9/16 coarse, and it falls off. You may have to go to the hardware store to find a bolt that big.

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