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Well, we got the TJ back last night. The cassette was replaced as well as the radiator. It seems the radiator and tank were starting to separate near a mount for the radiator, we have 70K on the TJ and wheel once a month with it.
So here's my question. How many cores should the radiator be? We have the A/C, so it should be a Heavy Duty cooling group. The radiator they replaced doesn't seem as thick as the old one, so I'm wondering, is there a difference? The dealer number for the radiator did have the letters "AC" following the string, so do I have the right one? I can't remember how many the old radiator had. Due to moving Downeast (up the coast, it's a Maine term), we had to go to a different dealership for the replacement. They seem OK, but I have no experience with them. Any help from you guys would be great. TIA.

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The latest radiator, I believe, has only one wide row core. Try calling a dealer, and ask them which radiator they gave you to be sure.

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