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I just got my first welder, its a Lincoln Idealarc SP-200./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif I growup using a Lincoln stick welder, but that gets old with alot of fab work. Has anyone used one of these boxes?

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Great... This is one tool no Jeeper should go without! You'll be able to repair your Jeep and even fabricate parts you'd normally have to buy...

I have no experience with this particular welder, but plenty of experience with others.
I've always had the use of welding equipment, so I never really bothered buying one. Now that I have moved into IT, I will have to buy one myself, but am in doubt what type to buy.
MIG welders are great, but for construction work like welding heavy gauge steel, I'd rather use a stick welder. Particularly the inverter welders are very nice and smooth and you can get TIG attachments for them...
Just rung an old mate of mine who runs his own mobile welding shop. He also sells welding equipment and had some good deals, including equipment a couple of months old at a good price. I think I'll pay him a visit soon...

Anyway, good luck with your new welder and hope it will serve you well.


'83 CJ-7 258/TF999/D300

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