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Got me a geyser under the hood

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Black Gold! Texas Tea!

Unfortunately this geyser won't make me a millionaire like it did for the Beverly Hillbillies.

Last weekend I took my 85 Jeep CJ-7 off roading for the first time in quite a while. Unfortunately, I seem to have "squirting" leak of what appears to be motor oil.

I have the inline 258, all stock except for a K&N air filter and a long ago installed aluminum valve cover.

Here's the symptoms: There's oil all over the underside of the hood as though it's been squirting up with some significant velocity?!?!? I've seen plenty of oil leaks, but this is my first oil geyser. It's on the same side of the engine block as the carb and brake booster, with the main concentration of oil roughly right between the carb and master cylinder. I don't think it's brake fluid as my brake reservoir is still full and I don't sense any brake fade. It doesn't smell like gas. At idle I don't see anything squirting, and nothing happens when pumping the brakes. Close the hood and head for a steep hill and I get a fresh coat of oil squirted all over the underside of the hood. I can only guess that it only happens when the engine is under load and the oil pressure raises enough to cause the squirt? Any ideas on where it might be coming from? As I can't see it happening, I'm a little perplexed on where to look first.

Should I pop the hood up, have a buddy sit on the front bumper and watch the engine, and then go climb a hill? Any volunteers? hee hee

Thanks for any ideas...

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By any chance, did you spring that geyser while camping with a super/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif 94 YJ? /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

Happy 30th Birthday! /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

Ummm... I won't volunteer for that duty! Ideas anyone?
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how about power steering? oil doesn't make sense to me. But if you have p/s the pump will produce pressure, it might be shooting out of the dip stick tube.

Just a shot in the dark......

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What color is the oil?
if same color as crank case oil, smell the oil off the dip stick for fuel.
let me know.

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