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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif I'm going to get more flak for this off-topic post, but what the heck, you can't spend your day worrying about what everyone thinks about you when the reality is that they AREN'T THINKING ABOUT YOU./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif If EVER there was a measure of just how F--k'd up the liberal democrap, anti-human being bunch in this country has become, it is this anti-milk thing. CLEARLY this is a bunch of thumb-sucking infantiles who have NO IDEA what worldwide nutrition even LOOKS like. I did a couple of projects in Guatemala a few years ago, and had a crew of about 125 workers on the jobsite, all native Guatemalans. I am only 5'-10" and I felt like a giant when my crew was clustered around me because most of them were MAYBE 4'-2"....some smaller. The children take YEARS to get over three feet tall. I questioned a doctor about it and he said: "They have plenty of corn and beans, but very little milk to tie it together into a body-building combination." So there you have it folks. No milk, no growth. In a third world country where industrial wages are 3.25 per day, it's just about impossible to finance a creamery, and the milk business; because of the bacteria problem; is not a casual business by any stretch of the imagination. It takes refridgeration, stainless steel(LOTS of that!) and a good transportation and handling system to get safe milk to the consumer. So as a result, my worker guys were tiny, and their kids would be the same way. These sloppy-nosed brats here in this country need to starve for a while, and deal with the parasites which are a part of everyday life for most of the third world. See how they like sharing their tiny lunch of corn or rice with a big, fat, tapeworm every day of their life./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif They'd be back here guzzling milk as fast as they could get the jugs open./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif

I never believe any statistics unless my moonguys /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif made 'em up themselves.

Once again Dave you have said the gospel, How is it in a country of supposed well educated people we can come up with such garbage? And better yet how is it people buy into it? What ever happened to believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear, and never and I do mean never believe the PROPAGANDA that the mainstream media spuse forth. Milk, the stuff that does the body good right? The stuff that every actor, athlete, and musician wanted thier picture in a magazine or on a billboard with the milk mustache, right? These will be the same group that will be out in force protesting the "RIGHTS" of dairy cows.
I feel like an idiot just typing that "RIGHTS OF DAIRY COWS?" what crap! My kid and I go through 2 gallons of milk a week, do you think I will go and explain to him that the cow is pissed I am drinking the milk?, if I did he would look at me puzzeled and then ask for "another glass of milk please." I am all for P.E.T.A. AKA People Eating Tasty Animals

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I spent three years in central America while in the military.
Dave speaks the truth!
We got packages of irradiated milk in foil packages, looked like the juice bags and never spoils....
(irradiated food not allowed in this country, too may protesting nit wits that think you are going to glow in the dark or grow a third tit or something...)

The kids that worked in the camps and compounds got a pretty steady supply of milk, food and clean water, and were twice as big as the kids that didn't...

Kids here beg for candy.
Kids down there don't beg period, but will WORK, and I mean WORK for food.
They want staple stuff, like milk, peanut butter, rice, beans, canned meat that won't spoil...
They especially liked our water supply. Our water was filtered and treated to US standards, and no one got sick drinking our water... It was actually considered medicine for the sick.
We were generous with it also.
(Hearts and Minds...)

It cost me $3 a week to get all of my laundry done, my boots polished, by living quarters cleaned, and all the bed cloths washed twice a week.

The kid made a pretty good living compared to most of the adults in the area.
I always threw in all of the C Rations And P Rations (P ration, forerunner to the MRE) I could scrape up, because the kid had 4 brothers and sisters, a mother disabled by the police, and a dad that was taken into custody, and never heard from again.

He also ate at the mess hall with us at lunch most days, and that kid could EAT!
Probably the only thing he got to eat all day...
(In seven months with him as house boy, not one single thing came up missing. He even returned loose change, gum, mints and other stuff found in pants pockets.)

$3 each, X 4 guys in a tent ($12), X 4 or 5 tents...($48 to $60 weekly, plus lunch on base, plus a bunch of C rations, plus protection for him and his family....
They lived in a US military GP medium tent, just like we did....
Wonder where that tent came from....?....

In El Salvador, living with or working for the American advisors kept the military intel, or the secret police from dragging you off and making you disappear...
Most of the time your family was safe too. A huge plus anywhere in central or south America...
Starvation or disease isn't the only way to die south of the border...

I often wonder what happened to that kid after Ronnie RayGuns got caught, and we got pulled out of central America...?
But again, I digress...

OH, to keep this on topic, I went everywhere in a Jeep or by helicopter while I was down there...
Except for the jungle 'Exercises'....

That is all for now,

So Many Cats, So Few Recipes...
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