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i bought a 93 ZJ today, is sharp. a blue limited w/ the 5.2. i have two now (a 96 also,) it seems to have been well cared for, service records show from 3k-4k services. it was a "soccer moms". she said she never used the 4low gear, never shifted it. is there anythin that can be harmed buy this?? it shifts smooth and is'nt loud or anything, yet? i traded a 90 Honda acoord and $1500. the accord was nice but the jeep is really sweet. i can't get my wife out of our 96. this one i will add a few more extreme mods to. I am thinking about buying the super-ride kit from Rubicon Express w/ 32's. i need to post on the MID board for suggestions. later

77 cj5 sorta, V8, 4"lift, 33's, lotsa miss'n metal
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