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hello to everyone here, kind of new to this forum, have'nt had a mid size for a long time , been hanging out on the swb board, but i recently purchased a 99 grand cherokee 4x4 ,with the straight 6 ( going for fuel mileage ) with about 65000 miles on it .( wanted a good daily driver ) man this is a really nice unit, can hardly wait to start doing upgrades to it, had to put a tierod on it, and a rear control arm, and fix the windshield squirters up front, the rear is next on the list, so far i have found out, it does'nt matter if its an old cj7 or a newer jeep they all need to be wrenched on constantly,hopefully come summer i can put a little bit of a lift on it ,the wife likes to sit high, am looking at a spring spacer lift any pro's or cons any one knows about ? well thats it for now,
hope everybody had a merry christmas thanks dave

Hi I think that you will like the Grand a lot. My wife has one and she loves it, but won't let me mofify it at all. Do you know about the North American Grand Cherokee Association? If not you do now. Just click here to visit it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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