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Anyone know where i can get a deal on an entire exhaust for a 95 YJ 4 banger ? Want to replace head pipe to tail pipe. 4WD Hardware and Quadratec have the whole system for about $300. Just wondering if anyone has found it for less :) thanks

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Yep, check around. There's a shop here in Farmington that will do a complete Jeep exhaust for around $175. The guy is a pro rock crawler, so he knows how to bend em for max clearance. Best deal going.

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I saw something neat the other day in JC Whitney. They have T304 stainless steel exhaust tubing in different length strait sections, the same tubing in 3 or 4 different mandrel bends, and SS conectors(looks like a clamp) that will allow you to clamp without making one end larger. Looked real promising to me. You could do it for probably less than $200 in materials. Just remember to get an exhaust tubing cutter from JC Whitney too(they were around $20), and order each length of strait tubing a little too long and cut to length. Sounds neat to me. You should be able to hang the exhaust from the bolts on the connectors. The only thing that I didn't see that you would need was a stainless steel collector(I am sure that someone makes them). That would probably be the only thing you would have to get welded, too.


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