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I was wondering what would be a good price for the following items out of a 1988 YJ. I have a 95YJ and am looking to upgrade my 4.10s (I have the 2.5L and would like to see 5th gear again).

Listed at $450- Dana 30 w/4.56 gears. Brakes and steering included.

Listed at $350- Dana 35C w/4.56 gears/ Detroit E-Z locker.

According to the Seller, the ring gear in the dana 35 has a chip in it. The EZ locker, axles, brakes etc. appear to be in good shape. The reason for the chipped tooth was a broken axle. He has replaced the axle and has had no problems with the R&P.
He says that the Dana 30 is in excellent shape. Finally he estimated that there was probably 2500 miles on the gears - mostly off-road use as it isn’t a daily driver.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Johnny B

Johnny B.

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In some people's opinions, 4.56 gears are too weak. It depends on how you wheel, if you are abusive, they might brake. I'd buy them for my 2.5L but I don't wheel much right now. The main reason I'd want them is for the lockers. If you're nice to it, buy em. If you beat the crap out of your vehicle regularly, I'd say find larger axles. It's gonna cost you to get the chipped gear replaced. I think new gears alone are 125 and thats if you reuse your old shims and bearings. Trust me, you DONT want to drive on the chipped gear. Especially on long trips. 4.56 will get you close to the old power range but quite make up for the added weight and rolling resistance. You'll never get all of the power back, 4.88s might do it when they come out but the word is that they're even weaker. My opinion is go for it.

Nick Hagen
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I think you stand a good chance at selling your axles to a 6 cyl. guy to upgrade from his 3.07s to recoup some of that cost, but (and I know this is geographically dependant) I think $350 for a Dana35 rear is kinda high, especially with a broken gear. I paid $500 for the pair for my 4.10 axles out of a 90 YJ, and they were in fine shape. I also think if you are upgrading anyway, I'd find a 44 for the rear. (wish I had done that, but the 35 hasn't broken yet - mines open, though). I hear a locked 35 doesn't last that long. Maybe with the 4 cyl. that's not a big deal, but if you wanna lock it up, I'd go 44.

Just my $0.02
Good luck

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If you do decide to buy them, you probably could sell your old axles pretty easily since they are the 4.10's! Makes the swap a little easier on the wallet.


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If a D35 has a useful or semi useful place in an off road vehicle, it would have to be in a 4 cyl Jeep, and even then if it is locked, you must treat it gently.
What you are looking at with this purchase is a bit of down time to swap axles, some work, and replacing the ring gear in the D35, and the hassle of selling your old axles. I would like to be in those new axles at about $500 to $600. I think his asking price is on the high side. Not much call for either of the axles particularly in the off roading world. Would also consider keeping the axle shafts out of the D35 if they would fit the new axle. Then sell the complete front axle and remainder of the rear axle with the emphasis on the buyer being able to get 4.10 gears and have some stuff left over in case he breaks something. You might get $300 to $500 for what you have. It may take a while to sell and will probably be closer to the $300.
Check with someone else that knows, but I think you have to replace the ring and pinion together rather than just the ring gear. It might be that it is just "better" to do them both together, or it might be that I'm way off base.
If I were doing it, I would want the final cost to be a good deal less than new gears and a single new locker would cost in my own axles.

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