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good price for '01 CR 125?

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good price for \'01 CR 125?

got a buddy with an '01 CR125 he's getting rid of. New front tire and brakes, good plastics and low hours he claims. He's asking $2000. Seems fair to me, just want some opinions. If you can't tell, I'm new to this, so forgive me
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Re: good price for \'01 CR 125?

KBB lists that yr/model at $3125.00, that's retail from a dealer at my zip, so, that's kind of a starting place, the price doesn't sound bad, I didn't check NADA. It still depends on what the machine looks like and it's condition. If you can, take it for a ride, look in the air box (some folks don't think this is important, to me, it is, if the airbox is clean, it's an indicater that the owner wanted to care for his machine), look at the oil, has the top end been rebuilt, all the standard stuff, ask about maintenance etc..., where he rides it, what kind of rider he is..., he's your bud so you might already know how it's been treated. Good luck
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