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I'm in the market for a Jeep CJ7 and I want to purchase from a dealer anywhere east of the mississippi.

I have found two dealers in Florida (Morris 4x4 and Broker's Car Sales) who have a decent stock of jeeps. Please share any information that you know about these used car dealers. Plus, does anybody know of Dealers who do the same thing that they do -- namely buy, fix up and sell Jeeps.


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One thing to remember is that a used car dealer is just that a used car dealer....I let my wanting get in the way of my better judgment and I am paying for it big time....If you can't check it out thoroughly yourself take it to ,or take someone with you who can.....If you buy it on the word of a dealer and find out he lied ...oh well shame on you...
The Toy Box in Holly Hill Florida buys and restores jeeps and you can get them in various price ranges depending on your may have to wait till one comes along to fit your budget .
I am not recomending them ,but you asked there you go...I have not delt with them except for parts ,unless someone else has something to say about them ..

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