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Going postal over mail-apes

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Well, I finally got a ring and pinion set with carrier that I'd bought from a private party. The box it arrived it looked more like a sphere, and there was a hole in one side. The carrier and ring gear appear to be in good shape, but the pinion is damaged beyond use. The flat plate between the bearings and the gear teeth (I'm guessing this was to seal the oils in) is bent in about 3 different ways, and flattened over on one side. Its not like its fragile! Now how do I go about making UPS buy me a new one?

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sorry, i don't know about the UPS question
but the "flat plate" on the pinion under the inner bearing is an "oil slinger" it's not very "Hi-Tech" who ever installs your gears most likey can get a new one cheaply or fix that one.

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I'll take it to the shop and see what he'll have to say about fixing/replacing it. Pretty soon there will be another 3/4-ton YJ on the streets...but probably the only one around here.

if your shop has a problem let me know, I've got a new slinger sittin in my shop that I don't need.

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I just called the guy who mailed it to me and he said that if I use it in the front I'll need the slinger and he'd send me one no extra charge, but if I use it in the rear the slinger must be taken off and problem solved. I'll put this one in the rear axle and the next set I buy (Leon Rosser should be getting my business soon) will be for the front. I'm taking a chance and will order the Detroit EZ-Lockers from 4WDPW unless someone can tell me of a place that sells them and will match the price(these are for a D44.) BTW: I paid $112 including s&h for the r&p and carrier from someone who responded to my wanted ad on this BBS- I LOVE THIS PLACE MAN!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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