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Hello fellow Offroaders,the season is here when we pullout the atvs and ride......

I have for sale, A 2-seater Manco Offroad Go-Kart.....this go kart has the following.

5hp Briggs and Stratton engine..this engine runs strong, and starts easily!!!!

New Brake Pads (approximately 1 month old)...

New Kill switch....... that I mounted on the steering wheel for easy access!

New Roll Bar Padding....I replaced this with thicker, safer padding!!!!

New Front knobby Tires.....145/70/6 These are approximately 2 months old ( never ridden on pavement!) these are the same size that the Suzuki lt50 has on it!!!

Rear Knobby Tire....16/80/7 these are not new, but still look new (90% tread still on them!)

Seat is newly uphostered....about 4 months ago!!!

This Go-Kart starts easy and runs strong, my son is seven years old and rides it just about every weekend! He has no problems getting up the trails and small hills, he has cousins who own brand new Go-Karts that can not make it through the same terrain as this Go-Kart... due to it having the big knobby tires!!!! I originally purchased it for him to ride until I found him a fourwheeler in my price range. Well, I did not know I would find one this quick!!!! he had the choice of keeping the Go-Kart or selling it and getting the fourwheeler...( being seven this was a life altering decision!!lol) Since Grandpa and Dad have fourwheelers..... he ultimately chose the Four Wheeler! If you have a child who would love to own this ATV... then please dont hesitate... Get in touch with me, and make two kids happy.....yours when he gets this awesome Go-Kart, and mine when I can go pick up his Four Wheeler!!!! I have pics and will send if you leave me your e-mail address!!!

As for the price.... I am asking 700.00

p.s. I WILL AIRBRUSH YOUR CHILDS NAME on the Go-Kart FREE OF CHARGE if you decide to purchase it!

If you are in my immediate area (Amarillo,Texas, and surrounding Texas Panhandle), I am willing to help get it to you...who knows maybe we can swap some riding stories!!!!!!

John Montoya

The Offroad Family....the family that rides together, eats mud, and gets sand in their shorts together!!!!!

Daddy John...Polaris Sportsman 4x4
Grandpa John....2004 Artctic Cat TRV 2 passenger 500 4x4
Isaak and Ryan....Suzuki lt50
this is what we ride....... whenever we can get the wives off of them!!!!! , offroader
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