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I was browseing the Adavance Adapters Site and noticed a GM TH400 adapter? Same as the one in my CJ7? Or is this a dumbass question....

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probably not the same.
The folowing is from memory of what I reserached a year or two back when face with a chance to buy a q-trac CJ. So correct me if wrong, but be gentle...
I think TH400 only came in CJ-7 w/quadratrac. Early q-trac TH400s used an adapter to fit AMC engines... these are not adaptable to GM engines (unless cases are swapped). later q-trac TH400s used a modified case which bolted direct to AMC engines... these can be adapted to GM engines.
no adaptor is available to mate q-trac TH400 to any other transfer case. some FSJ had D20 behind a TH400.
TH400s used behind GM engines can be adapted to AMC engines and can be adapted to fit various transfer cases.


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internally your TH-400 is identical to the GM version- all parts interchange- the bolt pattern on the front of the case is different and the output shaft is different. Other than that its the same. Advance, Novak, etc all sell adapters to mix and match- but if you are swapping in a GM engine- save the hassle of adapters (and the additional length) and use a GM TH400 case. Good luck, Luke

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