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The BLM has a new committee to get input from the dune users and make suggestions on running Glamis. It is called the Technical Review Team (TRT).

If you're like me, then you're tired of having more regulations and fees with out being given the opportunity to voice our concerns and objections. HERE'S OUR CHANCE.

Go to their web site. Take the survey and write them your comments on the BBS. WE NOW HAVE A PLACE TO HAVE VOICE.

Tell them what you want to see at Glamis and how our fees should be spent. Show our unity and numbers: it's the only way we can stay on an even footing with the people that oppose our sport.

My partner, Keith, and I did the site for them and are donating the Internet space and time for it. This is an extremely important cause - please show your support by using the BBS and taking the survey.

Vince Brunasso

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vince, do you know the addresses of the other dirt bike sites? if you want them e-mail me at [email protected]
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