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Steinjager is a foremost automotive manufacturer of tubular fabrications, bar fabrications, push-pull cables, and spherical rod end bearings. Today, Steinjager has made a name for itself and has become one of the go-to brands when it comes to offroad parts and accessories, including top-notch off-road bumpers and rock sliders.

All their products are designed to not just perform well but also provide utmost reliability at the same time. They can handle whatever punishment they are subjected to in whatever environment they may be used. Steinjager bumpers are manufactured out of stainless steel tubing for superior strength and durability. Be it debris, harsh weather, or street hazards, these bumpers can take hit after hit.

Steinjager® - Full Width Front Winch Tubular Bumper with Hoop

Steinjager® - Mid Width Rear Tubular Bumper

Steinjager® - Bare Knuckles Design Rock Sliders

Steinjager® - Phantom Design Rock Sliders

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