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here is something my grandfather took out of the local paper here.. quite interesting since he and no one else in my family knew of this..

must law abiding gun owners may be unwitting scofflaws, violating state regulations regarding the dispositon of handguns owned by family members who died. State law requires that pistols and revolvers be surrendered to authorities within 15 days of the death of the licensed owner, then after one year the state will destoy these weapons, unless the inhereited has claimed it.
The consequence is not just the commission of a misdemeanor offense under state law. It translates into a troubling estimate of as many as 12,000 handguns acquired by county residents that currently are unaccounted for. Add to that the number of "missing" handguns in surrounding counties and the rest of the state and it amounts to a significant contribution to the states illegal weapons problem.
We use the word "illegal" advisedly:Whoever inherits a handgun from a licensed owner and does not surrender it to the police is breaking the law.

the state is new york and what this is saying is that when someone dies, his/her handguns must be turned over to the state within 15 days, unless the inherited has a handgun license and registers the weapons with the state. (and im sure to pay a tax or fee of some sort) What is happening is people die and their handguns just go to the next of kin, and that person maybe not a licensed handgun owner is doing whatever with the handguns..selling them, keeping them, whatever they please. My grandfather has some rather nice and some very old weapons and one in particular is a .38 colt pistol that a good friend of his gave to him before he died in WWII.. and he will not surrender any of these to the state.. and in order for me to carry out his wishes and recieve these i must have a handgun license to do so..
What all this boils down to is for someone to inherit the gun he/she must have a hand gun license already.. and then record the transaction of it to the state.
Just thought this might interest a few of you with guns..

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Interesting law. North Carolina, was it? My opinion, this is EXACTLY the kind of law that Thomas Jefferson would have called an "infringement" on the right to keep and bear arms.

I think the Second Amendment was designed to prevent government from making ANY law about guns.

Someone else started a thread on the topic of marijuana legalization. I hate drugs, but I believe this: it is none of the government's business what I have in my pocket. It might be a Bible, or the Koran, or a copy of the Constitution. It might be a pistol. It might be drugs. Until I yard it out and hurt somebody else with it, it's none of the governement's business what's in my pocket.

As far as drugs go, look how destructive they are to the people who use them. It's like evolution: those who make themselves unfit by indulging will die, hopefully before they reproduce. The whole war on drugs is costly, causes a lot of whittling away of individual freedom and accomplishes absolutely nothing.

No, I'm not a Libertarian. But I agree with a lot of what they say.

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Dang. Every gun I own I inherited from my grandfather. Glad I don't live in the North.
All the drug laws do is put stupid people in jail instead of violent people. Which is of course, the way to prevent crime.


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I think you need to reread that. It talks about the death of the LICENSED owner. If they are not licensed, no problem.

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