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im finally going to get to come back to the states (iraq sucks) and am going to buy a yfz450 and mod it a bit. my question is how/where do you find schedules for c/c races or hare scrambles? how much are the entry fees? how do you determine what class you should enter/ who determines the skill level/class at which you race? i have been riding atv's/dirtbikes for about 13 years now but have never entered an "offical race". i consider myself very good and very aggressive rider,where do i start? do these races require an AMA licence? i have many freinds buying sport quads with me, ranging from raptors/predators/400ex/yfz450, how do you enter/register for a cc race or somthing of that nature as a team? any help will be greatly appreciated
thanks, GREMLIN 34
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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