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getting of carter for weber

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I'm in the process of switching out a stock carb for a weber redline on a 89 yj 4.2 I6. I'm looking for a picture of one completed so I am sure that I've plugged or removed all the necessary hoses or components. Also have some ?????'s about a fuel regulator that I heard about is it necessary for the weber to work right? Please help Is there anywhere that goes more indebt that the instructions they send you with the k551 kit.

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I have a picture of one on my website. But it is for a different model year jeep than yours.
Oops, I also have a different model weber, the 32/36. As for the fuel pressure regulator, auto parts store. A real one or find a good conterman at Autozone. You want one that has inlets and outlets that match your fuel lines. I am not running one yet. I intend to slide it inline behind the fuel filter and in front of the carb. You also want one that drops down 5 lbs. There are models that don't go below 20 lbs.
Check out my site it has info on the weber install with pictures. I did add a fuel pressure regulator some time afterwards and have it set to 1.5 lbs. currrently. Let me know if you have any other questions. als.
I got a Holley fuel pressure regulator for $25 at the local Speed Shop, Automotive Engineering, and am wondering how to hook it up. It is pretty big, about 6" long and 4" tall, has three openings (front, back, and bottom) and a metal braket to mount it somewhere...(where should I put it?) I dont know why I'd expected it to be as simple as something like a fuel filter with a knob on top to regulate pressure...but thats what I'd had in mind /wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif

Nevermind- I read the instructions. The fuel goes in the bottom hole and can go out both of the side holes for dual carbs.... Maybe I'll go get another Weber 38 for the front 3 pistons and use my current Weber 8 for the back 3, what do you think? Hehehe- no!
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