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Paint the frame first....make sure it dries for a few days. The window shop should have the seal...if not, you can get it from 4WDH. They should all be in the $20-25 range. Its not hard to do....but I personally would let the window shop do it...if they break the glass...they replace it.

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When building the Scrambler, I needed to have a windshield swapped. I had the old one, the glass was good, but pitted. I also had another frame, had to weld it up to patch the holes, but hey, it was a frame. Brought both to a windshield shop to have them swapped. The guy swapping them slipped and broke the windshield, cost me $35 for a new one, just the price of the glass. When it leaked later, mostly due to the welding I did, he sealed it for nothing, doesn't leak a drop now. I have seen many people try to swap their own, some with success, some without, personally I would let another person do it. He was able to use the same gasket, but had another on hand in case he couldn't. A note to remember, don't use silicone to seal the windshield, it doesn't come off and makes changing the glass almost impossible. The glass tech told me this, he said if I needed to seal it to get some glass sealer from a windshield repair shop for about $5. It will come off and they can change it later.

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I have to agree with the other posts--Let someone else put it on. I had to replace my
windshield because of rust--the wiper motor linkages were bending
the window frame where the wiper blade arm mounts to the frame. I ordered the
frame in from our local 4X4 store and it had two channels running across the
bottom of the frame for more resistance to bending in that area. This is a
classic spot for rust to start and it is from the force of the wiper motor
and the arm mounts on a thin, flat place on the frame. Sounds like you already
have the frame. If you got the one with two channels you won't have as much
chance of it bending. I don't recall where it came from, e-mail me if you
would like to know. If you have the old seal
the glass shop can tell you if you can reuse it. Mine looked okay to them and
they even agreed to use the old glass if it fit. They reinstalled it and got
a little chip in one corner--felt so bad that they didn't even charge me for
switching it over. They have gotten numerous referrals since then and my
windshield is still in but with a small crack next to that chip--for three years
While you are at it get a new seal for under the windshield also. That seems to
be where most of the leaks come from. Good Luck with your project! /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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Let a shop install the glass, and if you can, try to get a glass shop to cut you a custom piece of tends to be cheaper that way.


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It's not that hard... I would just be sure to have a couple of guys on hand to help you to keep it from slipping... and breaking (since you don't have the suction cups like a real installer has. You first place the rubber gasket in place... new would be better. The object is to put the window into one corner of the gasket (from the inside) and then flip the inner lip of the gasket over the window around in a circle. To do that, you place a light nylon rope (like about the size that you'd use to start a small gas engine with... 5/16" or so) down into the gasket and around the frame so that when you place the window into the corner, pulling the rope will pull the lip of the gasket over the window. Work your way around in a circle and you're done. I saw a professional installer do it to my CJ7 and it was so simple I would never pay anyone to do it again. Hmmm... maybe I should drop my glass coverage, got to check that out.

Good luck,

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