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doesnt anyone work at one of these sammi specailty shops that can get me a good deal on transfer case gears..
please help a fellow zukinut...

90 samurai,5.5 SPOA,2"over shackles,front locker,welded rear 31-10.50 swamper TSLs removable doors,working on onboard air,
I need transfer case gears BAD!!!!

Mark, I don't think you will have much luck with your plea. I have heard that sometimes a vendor will be willing to knock off a little of the price by offering a good t-case or tranny or the like but I've not experienced this myself. The cheapest I've seen the gears is 400 and thats not including core/shipping charges. Over the years I've seen very few t-case gears on e-bay or classifieds. Once you have them you never want to get rid of them.

Scott Whitmore
"Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality." Dalai Lama

We carry the gear kit for $399. There is very little markup on the gears.... very little.

We do take trade on such items as core gears and stock drag links. We have a couple customers who send us these parts all the time and use the credits to purchase parts and deck out their vehicles. Email me direct if you would be interested in this.

http:// [URL] [/url]
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