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I have an 83 CJ7 with a 258-T5-300Xfer.Im running 33 swampers.There is alot of disagreement on wether I should go with 456's or 411's.I can no longer use 5th gear at all.Any comments on which set will take me back close to where it was as far as usable pwr is concerned before the 33s? I have a line on a set of 44's that just came out of a wrangler with 411's and locked at both ends. If the gearing would alow me to run 5th it would be cheaper to go with the 44's than to build the 20 thats in it now. Thanks

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Either will probably work just fine. I run an 86CJ7, 258 I6, NV4500, 4.88:1, and 32's. The NV4500 is 27% overdrive. This is effectivily
a 3.56:1 final drive ratio. I tach appx. 2650rpm at 70mph. I only have to down shift on the worst hills. The T5 is 17% overdrive. This is
a final drive ratio of 3.41:1 with 4.11:1 gears and 3.78:1 with 4.45:1 gears. Your 33's will drop the rpm's a little. Hope this helps.

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