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Gear swap

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What gears are optimal for daily driving, with a rebuilt 258 and 33" tires on an 87 YJ?

1987 YJ Laredo
Rylan D.
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Somewhat depends on what transmission you have and if your doing any offroading. 4.10's work well all around with 33's. If you don't have an overdrive, then 3.73 might be better. I have 4.10 with 32's and I have overdrive. All around, its good.

John......southern CA
84CJ7, 3"lift, 32"BFG, 4.10's, ARB Locker, Solid Axle's, Durabak
i agree with DDawg, maybe 3.73's with and automatic(+overdrive), but 4.10's(or maybe even 4.56's) are good with 33's and a manual with an overdrive!!!!!
depends on your type of driving and wants
i once ran 4.10's with 33's and an automatic "WITHOUT" an overdrive and going about 60 mph's my V-6 was around 2800rpms if i remember right, (whatever it was i really wished i had an overdrive)

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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