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Gear ratio's 31x10.50

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Gear ratio\'s 31x10.50

I'm a returning jeep (grand) cherokee owner (I've been in withdrawls for 5 years), my last was a '91 limited 3inch lift 31x10.5x15 on 15x8 wagon wheels. I lowered the gear ratio's, but can no longer remember to what. My new rig is a '98 grand with a 4.0 liter. I'm installing the RE 3.5 sure ride lift + 265/70R16 BFG's (about 31x10.5) and I'm going to try the new rubber on the stock rims for now. I'm looking for some advice for a new set of gear's for the axle's. I'd like the ratio's as they sit with the original tires, and would like to stay in the same ball park after the lift/tires.

I loved my last ride so much my freinds were getting tired of me talking about, so I had to get another (project time).

Thanks for any help
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Re: Gear ratio\'s 31x10.50

I wouldn't change them at all if your only going to 31" tires. You'll get better gas milage if you don't change them and its not big enough of a tire to have any real power loss.
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