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Gear ratio

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3.73 or 4.10 for an '85 CJ-7 with a 258 and auto D-300 Will be running 31's then 32's later

Jeep will be used on and off road.

'78 CJ7 304, rust, inspected!/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif
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ok.. lets see if i can tell you something.. do you have a tach? if you run those 31's... you will be pulling around 2400 rpms with the 3.73 at 60, 2650 with the 4.10's at 60, and if you go with the 32's 3.73 you would be running around 2350 at 60, and 4.10's about 2575 rpm's.. hope this helps you out some.

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so if I'm running 33's with a 258 then I should go with about 3.54 gears right? I am running 31's on the stock 2.73 right now and I don't do or plan to do any rock crawling. By the way, jeepgod.. were you the one that had the post in for sale and had some soft tops? I emailed you, but you never replied. I was just curious if you decided not to sell the stuff or what.. I have to find some kind of soft top for this summer if anybody as anything.. Thanks

ya.. those 3.54's sound good.. that 258 can handle 60 at around 2100 rpms all day.. i used to run mine to ny and back.. 12 hours.. i had 3.73's in mine with 33's....65 was just around 2500 rpms.. wasnt too bad. i think the 54 would be better.. yes i had those for sale.. but that was a mistake. i just dont have the time now to deal with selling that over the net. trying to build mine and have like 6 weeks to do it. after its built i am going to sell the stuff then.. when i have more time. sorry about that.

survival is instinct, but living takes guts
where are you at in NC? I can come pick the stuff up most likely. I live near Charlotte. I'm really interested in that fastback.. I can't find one anywhere! Thanks

i live on the coast.. like 5 hours from you.. my fast back needs the rails.. also... have everything else..

survival is instinct, but living takes guts
I have rails for a soft top.. thats why I was interested in your full soft tops that were missing the rails also.. let me know.. I might get a full top and the fastback if you are wanting to sell them.. that Clifford valve cover would be nice too..... Thanks

my tops use a different rail than what you have.. my tops are made be california tops.. and is different than most.

survival is instinct, but living takes guts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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