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gear ratio questions and oil pan removal

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I have a NP203 that has been converted so it has manual locking hubs. Question #1: Since the NP203 has been converted, according to the website, I have 4 Hi and 4Low, 2 Hi and 2 Low. I checked today and found out that my gear ration is 3.08
When I put on my 33s is this gear ratio going to really slow me down then? When I'm in 4 low or 2 low what is my gear ratio then? Does anyone know how to figure out gear ratios for 4 hi, 4 low, 2 hi, 2 low? Also, how do I figure out my transmission ratio and t-case ratio?

This question if off the subject. My oil pan gasket is leaking. Haynes says that I need to lift the engine to be able to take off the oil pan. From experience, I have found out that the Haynes manual isn't always correct. Can I take off my oil pan with out having to lift the motor?

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3.08 gears aren't good but I ran for over a year with 2.73s and 33s with a 700R4.

You can find gear ratio calculators all over the place. Google is your friend.

I've taken my oil pan off to change main bearings and an oil pump on two different occassions. It isn't a lot of fun but it can be done. You've got to remove the inspection cover. If removing the starter isn't too much of a chore I'd remove that too. And the oil filter.

The hard part is getting the gaskets to play nice. I stick the gaskets on using Hi-Tack (copper impregnated sticky gasket spray) and use about twice as much silicone as normal at the front and rear main rubber pan seals. I always end up with a leaker for some reason. It's a two hour job if you're in the right frame of mind. I recommend washing the underside thorougly first.
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