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i've got an 89 silverado w/ 3.42 gears. got 285/75 16s. do i need to change gear ratio? to what? was thinking 3.73. or do i need to go to 4.10.


p.s. its got a 5 speed


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Well, the appropriate gear would be about 3.9something, but the problem is that our trucks only have 3.73 and 4.10 as an option. Now, unless you are only planning on running 33" tall tires for the rest of the time you own it, I would say stay with your 3.42's until you go to something taller than 33's. It would cost you a grand to put in whatever gear ration you choose, and then after that, if you decide you want taller tires and want to regear again, there goes another grand. Now, if all you are ever going to run is 285's and 33's, then I'd say regear to 4.10's.

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