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Gas tank skid plate help

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Don't know much about skid plates yet but my gas tank is plastic and the OEM plate on the bottom of it is rusting away. Do the skid plates replace the factory one or do they just cover them up? If they just cover them up, where can I get a replacement before I drop my tank on the road?

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The good skid plates will replace the old one. Some of the "Covers" will do just that, cover what you already have. You can get a factory type sheet metal plate from Four Wheel Drive Hardware Get a free catalog from them, it is an invaluable source of info and parts availability. I got the skid plate for my CJ-7's 20 gal. tank from Four X Doctor . It is one heavy duty unit, but I'm not sure if they make one for the YJ. Check out their site. Hope this helps.

Mike H.
1983 CJ-7 Laredo
1999 Dakota 4x4
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I second the 4x doctor skid plate.

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