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Gas prices

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I was wondering what the gas prices are for 87 octane around the country right now?

Detoit, MI 1.62.9 / gallon

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Please! No more gas prices!! I am reminded of it enough everytime I go to the pump as is.

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1.65 gallon Gunnison Colorado. Big bunch of crap is what it is and I think we all should do a gas out. Those million doller fools keep screwing us at the pump. I think they need a taste of their own medicine. Boycott them baby!

The gas out won't work as well as this idea I've seen floating around: Simply boycott the most expensive company (everyone has to agree on an oil company) until they drop their prices and then exclusively buy from them. That way, the competitors get forced to either drop their prices, or go out of business due to lack of sales... Sound like a plan? /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif


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$1.36-1.52 for reg
$1.41-1.57 for 'plus'
$1.44-1.67 for premium

I have the good fortune of having a "gas war" going on on my way to work. They're playing the old shell game....beat the guy down the street for reg.......or match him...and sell the plus and premium for 2 or 3 cents sheep we flock to the lowest bidder for "a few dollars less". This allowed me to fill up on the 6th @ 1.299 for reg.
The boycott thingie would be effective except that least locally here (south eastern PA) the price is being manipulated to "repattern" traffic habits. Most are high volume convenience stores that are making very little off of the gas......while making many times more profit per $ on the cup of coffee and muffin on the inside sales. Most commuters don't figure out that they are saving $0.80 at the pump and blowing $2.50 inside.....but I guess if they're blowing $2.50 anyway....why not save $0.80 while they're at it.
Typically, and as long as I can remember, Sunoco has been the highest "average" gasoline on the market. They "lowball" the cheap stuff and go up a disproportionate amount for the higher blends. If you go to the pump and start adding it up's always cheaper to buy 10 gals. of the cheap sub reg (86) and 10 gal. of the 94 then it is for 20 gal. of the middle blend (89)..... (they have 5 grades here locally....I'd assume it's the same elsewhere).


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$1.77 here.

I just paid $ 1.52 for the cheap stuff at 7-11 .I think I saw it at speedway for $ 1.49 In Orlan-DOH Flori-DUH

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I just paid $1.64 a gallon for the bubblin crude here in southern WV
Man gas sux.

only 3 grades in California -87-89-92

1.44-1.47 SW louisiana

You have FIVE grades of gas in PA? WOW!

It's $1.59 for regs
$1.64 for mids
$1.69 for highs

today that is.. they keep going up..

Carl, Tampa, FL, 74 CJ-5
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No......../wwwthreads_images/icons/blush.gif .....Sunoco has 5 grades.......elcheapo 86....reg 87(always higher than other regs) 89 ....super 91 or 92 ......and ultra 94.....since they have to bump it a few pennies for every grade.....and because ultra 94 is the highest pump gas (at a regular station anyway)'s always higher to buy Sunoco.....unless you buy the substandard 86 octane.


Figures don't lie ....... but liars sure do figure.
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Guys, you have nothing to complain about....I just filled up the ol' Ram (sse below) and paid 1.929 for Amoco Premium 93 in Daytona Beach, FL. And this is in the residential area, not the tourist traps...havent been there in a while, CANT AFFORD TO GO THAT FAR!

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GA, you're from Pottstown, right?
Here in Philly, reg. unleaded AMOCO went up $.05/gal in 24 hours, from $1.519 to 1.559 /wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif
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here in central pa its $1.49 for 87...on the turnpike heading from Philly it was $1.44 explain that to me. I've never seen it cheaper on the pike than the rest of the state before

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here in western Md,at 2 different Sheetz convienence stores not more than 20 miles apart,one was 1.55 a gal and the other was 1.34 a gal
everywhere else approx. 1.50 for cheap with .10 cent increase per grade

Just remember on election day that right now we have a president that not only is doing nothing about the high prices we now have on gas he thinks it's the way it should be and the vice president is a even worse tree hugger

I definitely agree with you steelhead.

78pence for 1ltr 94= US$4.80/USGal!! I rest my case!

93 YJ with upgrades (and it is Blue!)
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