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What would it take for me to get decent mileage out of a carbureated 350 in a CJ7? Is it even possible or should I go with fuel injection?
If so what kind? All the kits I have seen are so expensive, I can buy a lot of gas for $1000. The engine I am building will be relatively stock
with a high torque cam and headers, but thats about it. I have a 2 barrel carb now and maybe will go with a 4 barrel, still undecided though


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Don't know which would give you better milage, but here are some numbers. If you figure that being up in MI you'll be lucky if the price for regular averages $1.60 a gallon for the next half year. At that price here is how much your going to spend on gas for the next 10,000 miles at different gas milages.

15 - $1067
16 - $1000
17 - $941
18 - $888
19 - $842
20 - $800

You might be better off praying that the price of gas goes down then spending lots of money to get better gas milage. I looked into getting better milage beacuse of the ridiculous prices, but I figured that I'd need to increase my mpg from like 17 to 28 mpg to make up for the extra money I would pay if the gas prices went from $1.00 to $1.60.


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i calculated that if i can get 2-3 mpg more and the price of gas doesn't go down, the pro-jection will pay for itself in about 32k miles. (less than two years for me.) plus no more flooding, choke problems, jetting, etc. i'm doing more for the performance but if i get more than 12 mpg (9 around town), i won't complain one bit.


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Vanfleet is right. I'm more concerned about range than MPG. You can get a bigger tank for a few bucks and then spend those hard earned dollars a little at a time instead of all at once on something that only gets you very few more MPG's.

You can get a used Escort around here for cheap that gets 38 MPG and is dependable too.

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